Sage Gateshead leadership to change

- 25 April 2014

Sage Gateshead has announced two major changes to its leadership.

Anthony Sargent, general director of Sage Gateshead for fifteen years will stand down in early 2015 after the venue’s tenth birthday in December.

sage gateshead

Sargent, who was awarded the CBE in July 2013 and currently chairs the International Society of Performing Arts based in New York, said: ‘Sage Gateshead has been the longest chapter of my life I’ve ever committed to a single project. It’s been an enormously fulfilling 15 years, and I’m proud beyond words of the extraordinary team of staff, musicians and board colleagues whose achievements have together given Sage Gateshead such an internationally acclaimed first decade.’

In addition, Katherine Zeserson, who has been director of learning and participation at the venue since 2002, has announced she will also be moving on in early 2015.  Katherine Zeserson, who has developed Sage Gateshead’s reputation as an international leader in music education, said: ‘Helping to shape and lead Sage Gateshead since 2001 has been an extraordinary and deeply rewarding experience. I am enormously proud of the reach and impact of our work over the last decade and the transformation to which the company has contributed in the cultural landscape and communities of the Northeast.’

Alan Davey, chief executive of Arts Council England described Sage Gateshead as ‘an internationally renowned institution visited by approximately half a million people a year. It is a home for music and musical discovery for people of all ages and backgrounds, and has helped bring about a long-term and widespread change for the North-East, consolidating Tyneside’s position as a world-class cultural hub’

By December, the venue hopes to have presented over 4,000 concerts, engaged with 1.5m education contacts, welcomed 6m visitors and contributed £300m to the region’s economy – over six times the entire cost of building Sage Gateshead.

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