Two UK premieres as Västerås Sinfonietta makes British debut, Cadogan Hall, 17 May

- 2 May 2014

Trombonist, composer and conductor Christian Lindberg will lead the Västerås Sinfonietta in its UK debut performance at Cadogan Hall on 17 May, in a concert featuring the UK premiere of Lindberg’s clarinet concerto, The Erratic Dreams of Mr Grönstedt.

Clarinettist Emil Jonason Photo: Andreas Sander

Clarinettist Emil Jonason
Photo: Andreas Sander

Emil Jonason will be the soloist in the concerto, which he commissioned from Lindberg and premiered in Gothenburg in October 2013.

The work, says the composer, was shaped by ‘extremely surreal’ dreams that he had over the period of its composition, all featuring ‘a jolly gentleman wearing a checked jacket and bow tie’.

‘There was absolutely no logic in what happened,’ says Lindberg, ‘but this man kept on haunting me night after night and finally he just became Mr Grönstedt. The music, like the dreams, does not have a particular storyline, and the titles I have given the movements simply represent an attempt to evoke the abstract visions that inspired the music.’

Also receiving its UK premiere will be Andrea Tarrodi’s Lucioles [Fireflies], a ten-minute piece for orchestra based on a haiku which translates: ‘By the lily leaves /the fireflies anchor /the lake is illuminated’.

Tarrodi trained at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia, Italy, and the College of Music in Piteå with, among other teachers, Jan Sandström, Pär Lindgren, Fabio Cifariello-Ciardi, Jesper Nordin and Marie Samuelsson. She is the Västerås Sinfonietta’s composer-in-residence this season.

The programme also includes de Falla’s Suite from El amor brujo and the Leopold Mozart trombone concerto in D, performed by Lindberg in his own edition.

Tickets £15-£35. Box office 020 7730 4500.

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