Piping hot | Pull Out All The Stops

- 4 August 2014

When Roger Wright emptied his filing cabinets at Broadcasting House last month, no doubt a few folders full of listeners’ requests will have fallen out: ‘More brass band music’/‘Less brass band music’. ‘More jazz’/’Less jazz’. ‘More organ music’/’Less organ music’. The ‘more organ music’ brigade should certainly consider themselves to be satisfied customers after one of Wright’s parting gestures: moving the entire Radio 3 team down to the Southbank Centre in March for a residency that coincided with the ‘Pull Out All the Stops’ Organ Festival. Not only did this mean wall-to-wall organ music on the station for a fortnight, but it was also broadcast for much of every day to passers-by from Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo Bridge through loudspeakers on the Royal Festival Hall’s riverside terrace.

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